Specs Matched RF Filters

What are Specs Matched RF Filters

Our Specs Matched RF Filters are RF Filters from our existing database of products and engineering designs that match your specific requirements.   We will first research our database for products and past designs for an exact match, or a product and design that very closely matches your specifications and determine if it can be “tweaked” to match your exact requirements. In many cases, an already designed RF filter or a design from our engineering database may already exist and might only require some frequency shifting, or slight modification to the bandwidth, connector change or other parameters which will not require a total re-design.

On the mechanical side, any product found that matches the electrical specification can be modified to a specific style or connectors on the input and output, or in the case of Duplexers having any type of connectors in any of the 3 ports.  This applies to any Bandpass, Duplexer, Triplexer, Low pass, High pass, band stop, Multi-band RF Filter, and more.

Enter Your Specifications

Below is a convenient way to specify your RF Filter requirements. We will do the lookup for you and see if a matching standard product, or if a standard product can be modified to match your specifications. Otherwise we will design one for you.

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