Cavity Notch Filters(330-6000 MHz)

Cavity Notch Filters(330-6000 MHz)

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Model Notch BandNotch BandwidthNotch Center FrequencyPassband Above NotchPassband Below NotchRejection in BandwidthReturn Loss
AE1030N2269 1023 - 1037 MHz14 MHz1030 MHz1106 - 3500 MHzDC - 1014 MHz45 dB Min
AE1030N2308 1023 - 1037 MHz1030 MHz28.5 - 90 MHzDC - 10005 MHz15 dB Min
AE725NS2147 See Full Datasheet150 MHz725 MHz850-2500 MHz100-600 MHz<40 dB>14 dB
AE850NS2144 847-853 MHz6 MHz850 MHz900-1000 MHz47-800 MHz>70 dB>14 dB
AE932NS2125 915-950 MHz35 MHz932 MHz960-2500 MHz400-905 MHz>50 dB>14 dB
AE4300NS2146 4280-4320 MHz40 MHz4300 MHz4450-8000 MHz2000-4150 MHzSee Full Datasheet>14 dB
AS816N335 806-869 MHz18 MHz816 MHz821-824 MHz806-809 MHz>70 dB>18 dB
AS840N339 695-2000 MHz30 MHz840 MHz850-2000 MHz695-825 MHz>70 dB>14 dB
AS2140N325 2110-217060 MHz2140 MHz2185-2700 MHz800-2095 MHz>30 dB>14 dB
AS5800N322 See Full Datasheet60 MHz5.8 GHz6-7 GHz3-5 GHz>40 dB>10 dB
AE387NS2163 380-395 MHz15 MHz387.5 MHz40-500 MHz20-365 MHz>50 dB>14 dB
AE773NS2164 758-788 MHz30 MHz773 MHz798-1400 MHz9 kHz-743 MHz>30 dB>14 dB
AE788NS2165 773-803 MHz30 MHz788 MHz818-1400 MHz9 kHz-743 MHz>30 dB>14 dB
AE793NS2166 790.7-795.3 MHz4.6 MHz793 MHz801.3-1500 MHzDC-784.7 MHz>40 dB>15 dB
AE815NS2167 800-830 MHz30 MHz815 MHz851-1200 MHz600-780 MHz>50 dB>14 dB

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