Dual Band Combiners

Dual Band Combiners

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Model Return LossInsertion loss (dB)Band 2Band 1 Band 2 BandwidthBand 1 BandwidthIsolation
AD1227-1575C102 >15 dB<1.0 dB1563.42-1578.42 MHz1215.6-1239.6 MHz15 MHz24 MHz>20 dB
AD1857-1937C124 >15 dB<1.5 dB1930-1945 MHz1850-1865 MHz15 MHz15 MHz>70 dB
AD1953-2130BC117 >18 dB<1.0 dB2110-2150 MHz1948.8-1958.8 MHz40 MHz10 MHz>45 dB
AD2067-2468C129 >15 dB<1.3 dB2452-2484 MHz2027-2108 MHz32 MHz91 MHz>10 dB
AD6981-9800C131 >14 dB<3.0 dB9600-10000 MHz6875-7087.5 MHz400 MHz212.5 MHzSee Full Datasheet
AD701-731C111 >14 dB<2.0 dB728-734 MHz698-704 MHz6 MHz6 MHz>40 dB
AD704-734C114 >14 dB<2.0 dB728-740 MHz698-710 MHz12 MHz12 MHz>20 dB
AD765-795C122 >14 dB<2.0 dB793-798 MHz763-768 MHz5 MHz5 MHz>40 dB
AD765-795C132 >14 dB<2.0 dB793-798 MHz763-768 MHz6 MHz6 MHz>40 dB
AD817-862C107 >14 dB<3.0 dB859-869 MHz811-824 MHz10 MHz13 MHz>65 dB
AD820-1927C118 >15 dB<3.0 dB1927.5 MHz820 MHz435 MHz244 MHz>40 dB
AD828-862C105 >16 dB<3.0 dB847-877 MHz824-832 MHz30 MHz8 MHz>25 dB
AD836-882C108 >14 dB<3.0 dB871-894 MHz824-849 MHz23 MHz25 MHz>35 dB
AE895-1747CDB5303 >16 dB<0.8 dB1710-1785 MHz876-915 MHz75 MHz39 MHz>95 dB
AE895-1747CDB5304 >16 dB<0.7 dB1710-1785 MHz876-915 MHz75 MHz39 MHz>95 dB
AM3000-3425C103 >14 dB<3.0 dB3425 MHz3000 MHz150 MHz100 MHz>30 dB

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