Waveguide Notch Filters (725-5900 MHz)

Anatech Electronics Waveguide Notch filters are available in frequencies from 725-5900 MHz. The resonators and cavities are silver plated for low RF resistivity, in order to achieve low insertion loss and high selectivity. The Waveguide Notch filter size depends on performance requirements, frequency of operation, RF power handling, insertion loss, and number of sections. Anatech Electonics uses the best topology required to achieve the required performance.  Our Waveguide Notch FIlters can be designed in weatherproof packaging for outdoor use.  

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Model Passband Below NotchPassband Above NotchNotch Center FrequencyRejection in BandwidthNotch BandwidthVSWR (typ.)Notch Band
AE5365WN2309 DC - 4900 MHz5925 - 10000 MHz5365 MHz5060 5670 MHz
AE6515WN2310 DC - 5925 MHz7125 - 10000 MHz6515 MHz
AE806WN2233 DC~771MHz841~2200MHz806 MHz≥45dB30 MHz≤1.5:1791~821MHz
AE876WB2235 DC~865MHz888~2200MHz876 MHz≥40dB7 MHz≤1.5:1873~880MHz
AE907WN2241 DC~885MHz930~2400MHz907 MHz≥40dB15 MHz≤1.5:1900~915MHz
AE920WN2217 DC~862MHz978~2400MHz920 MHz≥40dB80 MHz≤1.5:1880~960MHz
AE940WN2232 DC~895MHz985~2500MHz940 MHz≥45dB40 MHz≤1.5:1920~960MHz
AE1574WN2218 DC~1550MHz1605~4500MHz1574 MHz≥30dB19 MHz≤1.5:11565~1584MHz
AE1842WN2234 DC~1780MHz1905~5000MHz1842 MHz≥50dB75 MHz≤1.5:11805~1880MHz
AE1890WN2240 DC~1867MHz1930~4500MHz1890 MHz≥30dB20 MHz≤1.5:11880~1900MHz
AE1905WN2222 DC~1830MHz1980~4600MHz1905 MHz≥40dB50 MHz≤1.5:11880~1930MHz
AE2140WN2237 DC~2085MHz2195~5500MHz2140 MHz≥50dB60 MHz≤1.5:12110~2170MHz
AE2143WN2220 DC~2089MHz2197~6000MHz2143 MHz≥35dB8 MHz≤1.5:12139~2147MHz
AE2310WN2224 DC~2285MHz2335~3500MHz2310 MHz≥40dB10 MHz≤1.5:12305~2315MHz
AE2345WN2230 DC~2275MH2425~6000MHz2345 MHz≥50dB50 MHz≤1.5:12320~2370MHz
AE2345WN2231 DC~2275MH2425~6000MHz2345 MHz≥50dB50 MHz≤1.5:12320~2370MHz

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