Single In/Out Dual Band Filters

Single In/Out Dual Band Filters
Single in/out dual Band Band Pass Filters are essentially two or more Band Pass Filters in Parallel, leading to a multiple Band combined Band Pass Filters.

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Model Band 2 RejectrionBand 2Band 1 RejectionBand 1Rejection FrequencyReturn LossPackage SizeInsertion Loss
AE454-459BD1174 80 dB Min @ 464.665 MHz459 MHz80 dB @ 449.985 MHz454 MHz15 dB Min9.46" x 4.81" x 2.88" max2.0 dB Max
AE905-950SDB1250 >60 dB @ 896-915 MHz941-960 MHz>60 dB @ 941-960 MHz896-915 MHz>60 dB @ 890 MHz>18 dB6.42 x 5.00 x 2.32 inches<1.5 dB

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