2.4 GHz Wi-Fi channels 1 thru 14 Cavity duplexers

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Model Return LossInsertion loss (dB)Band 2Band 1 Band 2 BandwidthBand 1 BandwidthIsolation
AD2400-2460D358 >16 dB<1.2 dB2440-2480 MHz2380-2420 MHz40 MHz40 MHz>65 dB
AD2433-2593D374 >16 dB<0.2 dB2496-2690 MHz2383-2483 MHz194 MHz100 MHz>32 dB
AD2433-2593D375 >16 dB<2.4 dB2496-2690 MHz2383-2483 MHz194 MHz100 MHz>35 dB
AD2450-5400D220 >15 dB<0.75 dB4900-5900 MHz2400-2500 MHz1000 MHz100 MHz>30 dB
AD2522-2642D337 >15 dB<1.0 dB2620-2665 MHz2500-2545 MHz45 MHz45 MHz>80 dB
AD2535-2655D388 >15 dB<2.0 dB2620-2690 MHz2500-2570 MHz70 MHz70 MHz>90 dB
AD2548-2665D259 >15 dB<2 dB2644-2686 MHz2500-2596 MHz42 MHz96 MHz>90 dB
AD2675-2575D268 >17 dB<1 dB 2670-2680 MHz2560-2590 MHz10 MHz30 MHz>80 dB
AD2755-3055D279 >14 dB<1.0 dB3000-3100 MHz2700-2800 MHZ100 MHz100 MHz>40 dB

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