LTE 700 Mhz Bands 12, 13,14 & 17 Cavity Duplexers

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Model Return LossInsertion loss (dB)Band 2Band 1 Band 2 BandwidthBand 1 BandwidthIsolation
AD706-736C112 >14 dB<2.0 dB734-739 MHz704-709 MHz5 MHz5 MHz>40 dB
AD710-737D354 >1.5 dB0.8 dB max728-746 MHz698-722 MHz18 MHz18 MHz>50 dB
AD710-740C115 >14 dB <2.0 dB734-746 MHz704-716 MHz12 MHz12 MHz>20 dB
AD710-740D421 >14 dB1 dB734-745 MHz704-715 MHz11 MHz11 MHz60 dB
AD710-740D454 >15 db1 dB734-746 MHz704-716 MHz12 MHz12 MHz>80 dB
AD710-741C128 >14 dB <2.0 dB737-746 MHz704-716 MHz9 MHz12 MHz>20 dB
AD722-702D456 >18 dB<1 dB717-728 MHz697-708 MHz11 MHz11 MHz70 dB
AD746-776D311 >14 dB1.5 dB max770-782 MHz740-752 MHz12 MHz12 MHz> 45 dB
AD751-781D320 >15 dB1.0 dB max776-787 MHz746-757 MHz9 MHz9 MHz60 dB
AD763-793D307 >14 dB1.5 dB max788-798 MHz758-768 MHz10 MHz10 MHz> 50 dB
AD808-849D381 >18 dB1.5 dB832-867 MHz791-826 MHz35 MHz35 MHz70 dB

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