Multi-Band Combiners(0.5-2.7 GHz)

Multi-Band Combiners(0.5-2.7 GHz)

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Model Band 5Band 4Band 3Band 1Band 2
AD988-1059-1159C120 N/AN/A1110-1209 MHz966-1011 MHZ1050-1068 MHz
AD988-1059-1159C121 N/AN/A1110-1209 MHz966-1011 MHz1050-1068 MHz
AM761-859-1469-1955-2500MP1017 2300-2700 MHz1710-2200 MHz1428-1511 MHz698-824 MHz824-849 MHz
AM830-1922-2132-1732CD103 N/A1732.5 MHz2132.5 MHz830 MHz1922.5 MHz
QB800-900-1800C101 N/A1930-1990 MHz1850-1910 MHz806-849 MHz806-849 MHz

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