LC Notch Filters(5-1850 MHz)

LC Notch Filters(5-1850 MHz)

We currently offer more than two dozen LC Notch Filter models in our standard product listing. Full datasheets are available for download or printing on every Lumped Element model in our inventory, including outline drawings and detailed product specifications for your review. If you do not find the specific model to meet your application needs, we also offer custom LC Notch Filters as well.

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Model Notch BandNotch BandwidthNotch Center FrequencyPassband Above NotchPassband Below NotchRejection in BandwidthReturn Loss
AE150NS2057 148-152 MHz148-152 MHz150 MHz225-675 MHz0-75 MHz>50 dB>14 dB
AE175NS2046 See Full DatasheetSee Full Datasheet175 MHz184-400 MHz0-166 MHz>50 dB>14 dB
AE5S2038 3-7 MHz4 MHz5 MHz7-30 MHz0-3 MHz>50 dB>15 dB
AE14S2039 11.5-17.5 MHz6 MHz14 MHz20-50 MHz0-10 MHz>50 dB>15 dB
AE26NS2040 24.7-27.3 MHz2.6 MHz26 MHz28.5-90 MHz0-23 MHz>50 dB>15 dB
AE26NS2130 24.7-27.3 MHz2.6 MHz26 MHz28.5-90 MHz0-23 MHz>50 dB>15 dB
AE30NS2055 29-31 MHz2 MHz30 MHz45-150 MHz0-15 MHzSee Full Datasheet>14 dB
AE70NS2067 68-72 MHz4 MHz70 MHz76-150 MHz0-64 MHz>30 dB>15 dB
AE120NS2142 118-122 MHz4 MHz120 MHz130-1000 MHz47-110 MHz>70 dB>4 dB
AE126NS2044 See Full DatasheetSee Full Datasheet126 MHz141-400 MHz0-111 MHz>50 dB>14 dB
AE150NS2118 145-155 MHz10 MHz150 MHz225-675 MHz0-75 MHz>55 dB>14 dB
AE165NS2045 See Full DatasheetSee Full Datasheet165 MHz174-400 MHz0-156 MHz>75 dB>14 dB
AE177NS2063 174-180 MHz6 MHz177 MHz200-900 MHz0-155 MHz>70 dB>14 dB
AE188NS2047 See Full DatasheetSee Full Datasheet188 MHz201-400 MHz0-174 MHz>50 dB>14 dB
AE250-731NS2119 529-539 MHz10 MHz534 MHz562-900 MHz0-500 MHz>55 dB>14 dB
AE361NS2049 See Full DatasheetSee Full Datasheet361 MHz376-400 MHz0-346 MHz>50 dB>14 dB

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