Waveguide Band Pass Filters (7-36 GHz)

Waveguide Band Pass Filters (7-36 GHz)

Anatech Electronics Waveguide band pass filters are available in frequencies from 7-36 GHz. The resonators and cavities are silver plated for low RF resistivity, in order to achieve low insertion loss and high selectivity. The Waveguide band pass filter size depends on performance requirements, frequency of operation, RF power handling, insertion loss, and number of sections. Anatech Electonics uses the best topology required to achieve the required performance.  Our Waveguide Band Pass FIlters can be designed in weatherproof packaging for outdoor use.  

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Waveguide Band Pass Filters (7-36 GHz)

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Model Band WidthInsertion LossPass BandRejection (high side)Rejection (low side)Return LossCenter Frequency
AE32000WB11560 500 MHz2.0 dB Max.31.7~32.25GHz≥50dB @ 33000 MHz≥50dB @ 31000 MHz13.0 dB Min.32000 MHz
AE35200WB11561 500 MHz2.0 dB Max.34.95~35.45GHz≥50dB @ 36200 MHz≥50dB @ 34200 MHz13.0 dB Min.35200 MHz
AE7925WB11541 ±25MHz1.2dB@8303~8331MHz7900-7950MHz≥70dB@F0±450MHz (8375MHz)≥70dB@F0±450MHz (7475MHz)7925 MHz
AE8088WB11544 ±25MHz≤1.2dB@8063~8113MHz8063~8113MHz≥70dB@F0±450MHz (8538MHz)≥70dB@F0±450MHz (7638MHz)17.0 dB Min @8063~8113MHz8088 MHz
AE8317WB11540 ±25MHz≤1.2dB@8303~8331MHz8303-8331MHz≥80dB@F0±500MHz(8817MHz)≥80dB@F0±500MHz(7817MHz)17.0 dB Min @8303~8331MHz8317 MHz
AE9375WB11542 22 MHz4.5dB Max.9364-9386MHz≥60dB@ F0±45MHz (9420MHz)≥60dB@ F0±45MHz (9330MHz)14.0 dB Min9375 MHz
AE9400WB11545 60 MHz1.99dB Max.9370-9430MHz≥40dB@ 9500MHz≥40dB@ 9300MHz14.0 dB Min9400 MHz
AE9400WB11558 30 MHz≤2.0dB @ 9400MHz9385-9415MHz≥60dB @ 9550MHz≥80dB @ 9150~9250MHz14.0 dB Min9400 MHz
AE9580WB11555 0.1 GHz≤1.0dB9.53-9.63GHz≥40dB @ 9.73~12GHz≥40dB @ DC~9.43GHz14.0 dB Min9580 MHz
AE9600WB11557 60 MHz≤1.9dB9570-9630 MHz≥40dB @ 9700MHz≥40dB @ 9500MHz14.0 dB Min9600 MHz
AE9800WB11553 0.1 GHz1.0 dB Max.9.75-9.85 GHz≥40dB @ 9.95~12GHz≥40dB @ DC~9.65GHz14.0 dB Min9800 MHz
AE9875WB11556 20 MHz3.5 dB Max @ 9875 MHz9865-9885 MHz≥40dB @ F0±25MHz (9900MHz)≥40dB @ F0±25MHz (9850MHz)14.0 dB Min @ 9875 MHz9875 MHz
AE9925WB11547 20 MHz≤5.0dB @ 9925MHz9915-9935 MHz≥40dB @ 9950MHz≥40dB @ 9900MHz14.0 dB Min @ 9925 MHz9925 MHz
AE9953WB11554 10 MHz≤6.5dB @ 9953MHz9948-9958 MHz≥40dB @ 9963MHz≥40dB @ 9943MHz14.0 dB Min @ 9953 MHz9953 MHz

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