Ceramic Band Pass Filters

Ceramic Band Pass Filters

Anatech Electronics ceramic bandpass filters deliver good performance and reliability and serve a broad array of applications from 200 MHz to 8000 MHz.  The size of a Ceramic Band Pass Filter depends on the dielectric constant of the ceramic resonator (typically between 30 and 90), the lower the dielectric constant, the larger the resonator, the better the temperature coefficient, and vice versa.


Anatech Electronics Ceramic band pass filters can be made from discrete ceramic resonators or as a single piece of a ceramic material called a “Monoblock” structure.  Monoblock type ceramic band pass filters are best suited for high-volume applications where the manufacturing cost can be amortized over a large number of products.  Other than reduced size, Monoblock ceramic band pass filters have performance nearly identical to that of their discrete counterpart.


Anatech Electronics also offers Ceramic band pass filters in connectorized packages with N-type, SMA, TNC, or BNC type connectors, and other standard RF connectors. Anatech Electronics has an extensive database of ceramic band pass filters, subdivided into the frequency range of operation to ease the search for specific Ceramic Band Pass Filter. To learn more about Ceramic band pass filters please read our page on Ceramic band pass filter Design Guide


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