2001 - 4000 MHz Ceramic Band Pass Filters

This section lists all the ceramic band pass filters within the 2001 MHz to 4000 MHz range. Please look for the filter in the frequency range you are interested in, and by clicking the link, you will be able to get more technical detail for that particular filter as well as a full data sheet. A request for quote for the quantity needed can be sent directly to our sales dept. by inserting the quantity in the "add to quote" box, multiple quantities can be entered once in the "Request for Quote page". You can also add to the quote cart multiple products, and by following the same process multiple quantities can be entered for each product. If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@anatechelectronics.com

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Model Center Frequency Band WidthInsertion LossPass BandRejection (high side)Rejection (low side)Return Loss
AE2065CB1847 2065 MHz90 MHz Min1.0 dB Max2020 - 2110 MHz 60 dB Min @ 2200 MHz60 dB Min @ 1900 MHz20 dB MIn
AE3700CB1850 3700 MHz20 MHz5.4 dB Max65 dBc Min @ 3800 MHz65 dBc Min @ 3600 MHz
AM2002B1421 2002.5 MHz105 MHz<1.2 dB1950-2055 MHz>28 dB @ 2312-2332 MHz>44 dB @ 1740 MHz>17dB
AM2002B1422 2002.5 MHz229 MHz<1.2 dB1888-2117 MHz>22 dB @ 2312-2332 MHz>32 dB min @ 1740 MHz>17dB
AM2017B1590 2017.5 MHz15 MHz<2.5 dB2010-2025 MHz>30 dB @ 2100 MHz>30 dB min @ 1950 MHz>14 dB
AM2050B1117 2050 MHz900 MHz<2.0 dB1600-2500 MHz>15dB @ 2900 MHz>15dB @ 1350 MHz>14 dB
AM2060B1017 2060 MHz25 MHz<2.0 dB2047.5-2072.5 MHzSee Full DatasheetSee Full Datasheet>12 dB
AM2072B1553 2072 MHz110 MHz<1.4 dB2017-2127 MHz>50dB @ 2412MHz>50dB @ 1732MHz>14 dB
AM2072B1583 2072 MHz110 MHz<1.9 dB2017-2127 MHz>50 dB @ 2200-2300 MHz>50 dB @ 1732 MHz>14 dB
AM2100B1298 2100 MHz166 MHz<1.5 dB2017-2183 MHz>25 dB @ 2380-2400 MHz>46 dB @ 1745 MHz>14 dB
AM2100B1302 2100 MHz166 MHz<1.5 dB2017-2183 MHz>25 dB @ 2380-2400 MHz>46 dB @ 1745 MHz>17 dB
AM2100B1588 2100 MHz60 MHz<2.0 dB2070-2130 MHz>30dB @ 2000 MHz>60dB @ DC-1000 MHz>14 dB
AM2104B1382 2104 MHz10 MHz<2.2 dB2099-2109 MHz>40 dB @ 2140 MHz>30 dB @ 1970 MHz>14 dB
AM2140B1062 2140 MHz30 MHz<2.0 dB2125-2155 MHz>60dB @ 1840-1880 MHz>40dB @ DC-1700 MHz>14 dB
AM2185B1593 2185 MHz30 MHz<2.5 dB2170-2200 MHz>55 dB @1980-2010 MHz>50 dB @ 1616-1646 MHz>14 dB
AM2185B1594 2185 MHz30 MHz<2.5 dB2170-2200 MHz>65 dB @1980-2010 MHz>50 dB @ 1616-1646 MHz>14 dB

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