4001 - 7500 MHz Ceramic Band Pass Filters

This section lists all the ceramic band pass filters within the 4001 MHz to 7500 MHz range. Please look for the filter in the frequency range you are interested in, and by clicking the link, you will be able to get more technical detail for that particular filter as well as a full data sheet. A request for quote for the quantity needed can be sent directly to our sales dept. by inserting the quantity in the "add to quote" box, multiple quantities can be entered once in the "Request for Quote page". You can also add to the quote cart multiple products, and by following the same process multiple quantities can be entered for each product. If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@anatechelectronics.com

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Model Center Frequency Band WidthInsertion LossPass BandRejection (high side)Rejection (low side)Return Loss
AE4275CB1848 4275 MHz150 MHz Min2.5 dB MaxSee DatasheetSee Datasheet17 dB Min
AM4180B1067 4180 MHz40 MHz<3 dB4160-4200 MHzSee Full Datasheet>50 dB @ 3890 MHz>15 dB
AM4650B1212 4650 MHz500 MHz<2 dB 4310-4810 MHz>20 dB @ 5650 MHz>55 dB @ 3650 MHz>14 dB
AM4650B1217 4650 MHz500 MHz<3.5 dB4400-4900 MHz>55 dB @ 3650 MHz>20 dB @ 5000 MHz>10 dB
AM5050B1335 5050 MHz100 MHz<3 dB5000-5100 MHz>30 dB @ 5350 MHz>30 dB @ 4750 MHz>14 dB
AM5700B1128 5700 MHz480 MHz<3 dB5460-5940 MHz>10 dB @ 6000 MHz>10 dB @ 5400 MHz>12 dB
AM5725B1162 5725 MHz90 MHz<5.0 dB5680-5770 MHz>30 dB @ 5925 MHz>30 dB @ 5525 MHz>12 dB
AM5800B1109 5800 MHz125 MHz<1.7 dB5725-5850 MHz>11 dB @ 6000 MHz>45 dB @ 5200 MHz>11 dB
AM5800B482 5800 MHz150 MHz<2.0 dB5725-5875 MHz>15 dB @ 6175 MHz>15 dB @ 5425 MHz>14 dB
AM6245B1169 6245 MHz360 MHz<3.0 dB6065-6420 MHz>22 dB @ 7100 MHz>18 dB @ 5800 MHz>10 dB
AM6300B1129 6300 MHz480 MHz<3.0 dB6060-6540 MHz>5 dB @ 6600 MHz>5 dB @ 6000 MHz>12 dB
AM6350B1043 6350 MHz400 MHz<3.0 dB6150-6550 MHz>18 dB @ 6775 MHz>20 dB @ 5925 MHz>10 dB
AM4050B1474 4050 MHz300 MHz<2.0 dB3900-4200 MHz>30 dB @ 3000-3600 MHz>30 dB @ DC-3600 MHz>14 dB
AM4070B525 4070.5 MHz50 MHz<3.7 dB4045.5-4095.5 MHz>30 dB @ 3988 MHz>45 dB @ 10-3499 MHz>14 dB
AM4075B1536 4075 MHz50 MHz<1.7 dB4050-4100 MHz>10dB @ 4120MHz>35dB @ 4000MHz>14 dB
AM4450B1234 4450 MHz100 MHz<3.0 dB4400-4500 MHz>30 dB @ 4750 MHz>30 dB @ 4150 MHz>14 dB

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