Waveguide Notch Filters (725-5900 MHz)

Waveguide Notch Filters (725-5900 MHz)
Waveguide Notch Filters (725-5900 MHz)

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Model Passband Below NotchPassband Above NotchNotch Center FrequencyRejection in BandwidthNotch BandwidthVSWR (typ.)Notch Band In Stock (Qty)
AE866WN2270 DC~850MHz880~2500MHz866 MHz≥40dB5 MHz≤1.5:1864~869 MHz 0
AE869WN2281 DC~774MHz965~2200MHz869 MHz≥45dB91 MHz≤1.8:1824~915 MHz 0
AE876WB2235 DC~865MHz888~2200MHz876 MHz≥40dB7 MHz≤1.5:1873~880MHz 0
AE897WN2286 DC~860MHz935~2400MHz897 MHz≥40dB35 MHz≤1.5:1880~915 MHz 0
AE907WN2241 DC~885MHz930~2400MHz907 MHz≥40dB15 MHz≤1.5:1900~915MHz 0
AE915WN2259 DC-892MHz938-2570MHz915 MHz≥40dB26 MHz≤1.5:1902~928MHz 0
AE915WN2271 DC~890MHz940~2700MHz915 MHz≥40dB26 MHz≤1.5:1902~928 MHz 0
AE920WN2217 DC~862MHz978~2400MHz920 MHz≥40dB80 MHz≤1.5:1880~960MHz 0
AE920WN2251 DC-830MHz1100-2500MHz920 MHz≥50dB80 MHz≤1.7:1880~960MHz 0
AE922WN2279 DC~900MHz944~2500MHz922 MHz≥40dB10 MHz≤1.5:1917~927 MHz 0
AE924WN2285 DC~911MHz937~2500MHz924 MHz≥40dB8 MHz≤1.5:1920~928 MHz 0
AE925WN2258 DC-915MHz935-2590MHz925 MHz≥40dB6 MHz≤1.5:1922~928 MHz 0
AE940WN2232 DC~895MHz985~2500MHz940 MHz≥45dB40 MHz≤1.5:1920~960MHz 0
AE942WN2287 DC~907MHz978~2700MHz942 MHz≥50dB35 MHz≤1.5:1925~960 MHz 0
AE945WN2257 DC-915MHz980-2500MHz945 MHz≥45dB30 MHz≤1.5:1930~960 MHz 0

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