SAW Duplexers(150-2000 MHz)

SAW Duplexers(150-2000 MHz)

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) duplexers provide high stability and sharp rejection characteristics in a compact surface-mount package ranging in size from 3 x 3 x 2 mm to 30 x 15 x 2.5 mm. Insertion loss ranges from 1.8 dB to 6 dB with isolation ranging from 20 dB to more than 50 dB. The maximum RF power of a SAW duplexer is about 1 W.

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Model Return LossInsertion loss (dB)Band 2Band 1 Band 2 BandwidthBand 1 BandwidthIsolation
AM153-171SD361 >14 dB<4.5 dB171.25 MHz153.75 MHz3.75 MHz3.75 MHz>20 dB
AM155-170SD360 >14 dB<4.5 dB170 MHz155 MHz5.0 MHz5.0 MHz>20 dB
AM413-423SD332 >14 dB<3.2 dB421.6-425.9 MHz411.6-415.9 MHz4.3 MHz4.3 MHz>32 dB
AM417-427SD353 >14 dB<4.8 dB425.5-430 MHz415.5-420 MHz4.5 MHz4.5 MHz>32 dB
AM452-462SD331 >14 dB<4.3 dB460-464.8 MHz450-454.8 MHz4.8 MHz4.8 MHz>32 dB
AM453-463SD330 >14 dB<4.3 dB461.3-465.8 MHz451.3-455.8 MHz4.5 MHz4.5 MHz>38 dB
AM455-465SD329 >14 dB<4.3 dB462.5-467.5 MHz452.5-457.5 MHz5.0 MHz5.0 MHz>37 dB
AM457-467SD333 >14 dB<4.3 dB465.2-470 MHz455.2-460 MHz4.8 MHz4.8 MHz>32 dB
AM481-491SD334 >14 dB<4.3 dB489-493.5 MHz479-483.5 MHz4.5 MHz4.5 MHz>32 dB
AM707-737SD368 >14 dB<3.0 dB728-746 MHz698-716 MHz18 MHz18 MHz>35 dB
AM751-781SD364 >14 dB<2.5 dB746-756 MHz777-787 MHz10 MHz10 MHz>50 dB
AM763-793SD367 >14 dB<3.5 dB758-768 MHz788-798 MHz10 MHz10 MHz>47 dB
AM836-881SD340 >14 dB<3.5 dB869-894 MHz824-849 MHz25 MHz25 MHz>52 dB
AM836-881SD371 >14 dB<3.0 dB869-894 MHz824-849 MHz25 MHz25 MHz>48 dB
AM902-947SD363 >14 dB<2.8 dB935-960 MHz890-915 MHz25 MHz25 MHz>48 dB
AM1542-1643SD358 >14 dB<5.0 dB1673.5 MHz1542 MHz17 MHz17 MHz>45 dB

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