1001 - 2000 MHz Cavity Band Pass Filters

This section lists all cavity band pass filters within the 1001 MHz to 2000 MHz range. Please look for the filter in the frequency range you are interested in, and by clicking the link, you will be able to get more technical detail for that particular RF filter as well as a full data sheet.

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Custom bandpass cavity filter design products are available for RF design engineers with specific requirements. Contact us for more details.

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Model Center Frequency Band WidthInsertion LossPass BandRejection (high side)Rejection (low side)Return Loss
AB1880B1221 1880 MHz20 MHz<2.0 dB1870-1890MHz>50dB @ 1920MHz>50dB @ 1840MHz>14 dB
AE1380B11978 1380 MHz Cavity Band Pass Filter20 Mhz1.0 dB Max1370 - 1390 MHz See DatasheetSee Datasheet15 dB Min
AB1059B930 1059 MHz18 MHz<2.3 dB1050-1068 MHz>45 dBc @ 1082.5 MHz>45 dBc @ 1040.5 MHz>14 dB
AB1159B931 1159.5 MHz99 MHz<1.8 dB1110-1209 MHz>45 dBc @ 1221.5 MHz>45 dBc @ 1097.5 MHz15 dB
AB1160B514 1160 MHz54 MHz<2 dB 1133-1187 MHz>30 dB @ 1205 MHz>30 dB @ 1115 MHz15 dB
AB1175B1271 1175 MHz50 MHz<1.0 dB1150-1200 MHz>100 dB @ 1325 MHz>100 dB @ 1050 MHz>14 dB
AB1176B1209 1176 MHz20 MHz<1.0 dB1166.45-1186.45 MHz>30dB @ Fc +/- 30MHz>30dB @ Fc +/- 30MHz>14 dB
AB1176B1219 1176 MHz30 MHz<0.8 dB1161.45-1191.45 MHz>50dB @ 1094.61MHz>30dB @ 1126.45, 1226.45MHz>15 dB
AB1200B1243 1200 MHz400 MHz<1.0 dB1000-1400MHz>20dB @ 1650Hz>20dB @ 450MHz>14 dB
AB1300B467 1300 MHz12 MHz<2.3 dB1294-1306 MHz>40 dB @ 1289 MHz>65 dB @ DC-1280 MHz14 dB
AB1300B468 1300 MHz15 MHz<2.0 dB1292.5-1307.5 MHz>40 dB @ 1286 MHz>65 dB @ DC-1276 MHz>14 dB
AB1300B469 1300 MHz20 MHz<2.0 dB1290-1310 MHz>40 dB @ 1282 MHz>65 dB @ DC-1268 MHz14 dB
AB1325B1178 1325 MHz750 MHz<1.0 dB950-1700 MHz>40 dB @ 1810-2400 MHz>40 dB @ DC-840 MHz>14 dB
AB1370B1238 1370 MHz140 MHz<1.0 dB1300-1440MHz>45dB @ 1540MHz>45dB @ 1200MHz>15 dB
AB1370B1263 1370 MHz20 MHz<1.0 dB1360-1380 MHz>50dB @ 1450MHz>50dB @ 1320MHz>15 dB
AB1375B880 1375 MHz24 MHz<3.0 dB1363-1387 MHz>70 dB @ 1500 MHz>70 dB @ 1200 MHz>14 dB

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