500.1-1000 MHz SAW Band Pass Filters

This section lists all the SAW band pass filters within the 500.1 MHz to 1000 MHz range. Please look for the filter in the frequency range you are interested in, and by clicking the link, you will be able to get more technical detail for that particular filter as well as a full data sheet. A request for quote for the quantity needed can be sent directly to Anatech Electronicssales dept. by inserting the quantity in the "add to quote" box, multiple quantities can be entered once in the "Request for Quote page". You can also add to the quote cart multiple products, and by following the same process multiple quantities can be entered for each product.

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Model Center Frequency Band WidthInsertion LossPass BandRejection (high side)Rejection (low side)Return Loss
AE737SB1163 737 MHz2.5 dB Max728 - 746 MHzSee DatasheetSee Datasheet10 dB Min
AM718S504 718 MHz8 MHz3.0 dB714-722 MHz28 dB @ 740 MHz50 dB @ 698 MHz>15 dB
AM746S505 746 MHz12 MHz2.0 dB740-752 MHz55 dB @ Fo + 60.0 MHz55 dB @ Fo - 40.0 MHz>14 dB
AM751S824 751 MHz10 MHz1.8 dB746-756 MHz45 dB @ 777 MHz34 dB @ 728 MHz>14 dB
AM751S826 751 MHz10 MHz1.7 dB746-756 MHz47 dB @ 777 MHz35 dB @ 728 MHz>14 dB
AM752S506 752.5 MHz18 MHz2.1 dB743.5-761.5 MHz55 dB @ 815 MHz50 dB @ 710 MHz>14 dB
AM770S284 770 MHz20 MHz2.2 dB760-780 MHz45 dB @ 824 MHz58 dB @ 730 MHz>14 dB
AM782S825 782 MHz10 MHz1.7 dB777-787 MHz48 dB @ 869 MHz43 dB @ 757 MHz>14 dB
AM797S508 797 MHz26 MHz2.2 dB780.5-806.5 MHz55 dB @ 860 MHz50 dB @ 760 MHz>14 dB
AM810S837 810 MHz24.5 MHz2.9 dB797.75-822.25 MHzSee Full DatasheetSee Full Datasheet>14 dB
AM815S510 813.5 MHz15 MHz2.2 dB806-821 MHz50 dB @ 851 MHzSee Full Datasheet>14 dB
AM815S511 815.5 MHz19 MHz2.4 dB806-825 MHz46 dB @ 851 MHzSee Full Datasheet>14 dB
AM827S827 827.4 MHz4 MHz2.5 dB825.4-829.4 MHz20 dB @ 838.75 MHz ( Fo+11.35MHz )20 dB @ 816.05 MHz ( Fo-11.35MHz )>14 dB
AM836S416 836.5 MHz25 MHz1.9 dB824-849 MHz28 dB @ 869 MHz25 dB @ 800 MHz>14 dB
AM836S421 836.5 MHz25 MHz2.4 dB824-849 MHz29 dB @ 869 MHz51 dB @ 800 MHz>14 dB
AM836S512 836.5 MHz25 MHz2.2 dB824-849 MHz29 dB @ 869 MHz45 dB @ 810 MHz>14 dB

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