Triplexers(0.6-10 GHz)

Triplexers(0.6-10 GHz)
Triplexers(0.6-10 GHz)

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Model Insertion loss (dB)Band 2Band 3Band 1 Band 3 BandwidthBand 2 BandwidthBand 1 BandwidthIsolation In Stock (Qty)
AD800-1600-2400TR308 <0.35 dB1600 MHz2400 MHz800 MHz30 MHz22 MHz17 MHz>100 dB 0
AD800-900-1800TR288 <2.5 dB896-901 MHz1850-1910 MHz806-824 MHz60 MHz5 MHz18 MHz>45 dB 0
AD900-1800-2700TR296 <0.35 dB1800 MHz2600 MHz900 MHz30 MHz22 MHz17 MHz>100 dB 0
AD900-1800-2700TR309 <0.35 dB1800 MHz2700 MHz900 MHz30 MHz22 MHz17 MHz>100 dB 0
AE1227-1558-1621TR1274 <3.0 dB1530-1587 MHz1616-1626.5 MHz1215.6-1239.6 MHz10 MHz57 MHz24 MHz 0
AE1600-2262-4698TR1276 See datasheet2025-2500 MHz4400-4990 MHz1350-1850 MHz590 MHz475 MHz500 MHzSee datasheet 0
AE1802-2072-2250TR1278 1.0 dB Max2002.5-2142.5 MHz2180-2320 MHz1732.5-1872.5 MHz140 MHz140 MHz140 MHz80 dB Min 0
AE44-133-312TR1277 1.0 dB Max116-150 MHz225-400 MHzDC-88 MHz175 MHz34 MHz88 MHz20 dB Min. 0
AE660-3750-5100TR1272 1.5 dB mMx3300-4200 MHz5100-5900 MHz660-2700 MHz800 MHz900 MHz2100 MHz50 dB Min 0
AE660-4700-5100TR1273 1.5 dB max4400-5000 MHz5100-5900 MHz660-2700 MHz800 MHz600 MHz2100 MHz50 dB Min 0
AE915-1830-2745TR1271 <0.35 dB1830 MHz2745 MHz915 MHz100 MHz100 MHz100 MHz>100 dB 1
AM1110-670-1390TR291 <3.0 dB570-770 MHz1330-1450 MHz1050-1170 MHz120 MHz200 MHz120 MHz>20 dB 0
AM1176-1204-1575TR282 <4.5 dB1204 MHz1575.42 MHz1176 MHz20 MHz14 MHz20 MHz>35 dB 0
AM1780-2350-4670TR289 <3.0 dB2350 MHz4670 MHz1780 MHz540 MHz300 MHz140 MHz>20 dB 0
AM670-1110-1390TR287 <3.0 dB1110 MHz1390 MHz670 MHz50 MHz50 MHz50 MHz>20 dB 0
AM707-742-781TR331 <5.5 dB728-757 MHz776-787 MHz698-716 MHz11 MHz29 MHz18 MHz>50 dB 0

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