301 - 1000 MHz LC Band Pass Filters

This section lists all the SAW band pass filters within the 301 MHz to 1000 MHz range. Please look for the filter in the frequency range you are interested in, and by clicking the link, you will be able to get more technical detail for that particular filter as well as a full data sheet. A request for quote for the quantity needed can be sent directly to our sales dept. by inserting the quantity in the "add to quote" box, multiple quantities can be entered once in the "Request for Quote page". You can also add to the quote cart multiple products, and by following the same process multiple quantities can be entered for each product.

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301 - 1000 MHz LC Band Pass Filters

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Model Center Frequency Band WidthInsertion LossPass BandRejection (high side)Rejection (low side)Return Loss
AE05B9591 500 KHz60 KHz<2.0 dB470-530 KHz>50 dB @ 833 KHz>50 dB @ 287 KHz>15 dB
AE574B6741 574 MHz34 MHz<1.0 dB557-591 MHzSee Full Datasheet>65 dB @ 0-330 MHz>14 dB
AE548B9620 548 MHz60 MHz<1.0 dB518-578 MHz>50 dB @ 648-2000 MHz>50 dB @ 0-448 MHz>14 dB
AE555B6745 555 MHz64 MHz<2.0 dB523-587MHz>50 dB @ 1046-1300MHz>20 dB @ 0-480MHz>14 dB
AE608B9621 608 MHz60 MHz<1.0 dB578-638 MHz>50dB @ 708-2000 MHz>50dB @ 0-508 MHz>14 dB
AE625B6746 625 MHz64 MHz<2.0 dB593-657MHz>50 dB @ 1186-2000MHz>20 dB @ 0-550MHz>14 dB
AE720B10939 720 MHz50 MHz<10 dB 495-945MHz>60 dB @ 1150 MHz>60 dB @ 290 MHz>14 dB
AE720B10946 720 MHz3 MHz<3.0 dB718.5-721.5MHz>50 dB @ 920 MHz>60 dB @ 580 MHz>14 dB
AE720B10947 720 MHz30 MHz<1.0 dB705-735MHz>50 dB @ 935 MHz>50 dB @ 505 MHz>14 dB
AE729B6742 729 MHz40 MHz<1.0 dB709-749 MHzSee Full Datasheet>65 dB @ 0-430MHz>14 dB
AE750B11058 750 MHz500 MHz<2.4 dB500-1000 MHz>70dB @ 1402-2500MHz>40 dB @ 250MHz>14 dB
AE800B11074 800 MHz32 MHzSee Full Datasheet784-816MHz>60dB @ 1200-1600MHz>60dB @ 600MHz>14 dB
AE870B6678 870 MHz174 MHz<1.5 dB783-957 MHz>60 dB @ 1040-3000MHz>60 dB @ 0-700MHz>14 dB
AE1000B9903 1 GHzSee Full Datasheet<1.0 dBSee Full Datasheet>60 dB @ 1.41-10 GHz>60 dB @ 0-580 MHz>13 dB
AE1000B10426 1000 MHz50 MHz<3.0 dB975-1025 MHz>20 dB @ 584-950 MHz>60 dB @ 0-584 MHz>14 dB
AE1000B10538 1000 MHz500 MHz<2.0 dB750-1250 MHz>30 dB @ 1416-6000 MHz>30 dB @ DC - 584 MHz>14 dB

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