Waveguide Notch Filters (725-5900 MHz)

Anatech Electronics Waveguide Notch filters are available in frequencies from 725-5900 MHz. The resonators and cavities are silver plated for low RF resistivity, in order to achieve low insertion loss and high selectivity. The Waveguide Notch filter size depends on performance requirements, frequency of operation, RF power handling, insertion loss, and number of sections. Anatech Electonics uses the best topology required to achieve the required performance.  Our Waveguide Notch FIlters can be designed in weatherproof packaging for outdoor use.  

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Waveguide Notch Filters (725-5900 MHz)

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Model Passband Below NotchPassband Above NotchNotch Center FrequencyRejection in BandwidthNotch BandwidthVSWR (typ.)Notch Band
AE2655WN2243 DC~2595MHz2715~6000MHz2655 MHz≥50dB70 MHz≤1.5:12620~2690 MHz
AE5250WN2255 DC~5100MHz5400~8000MHz5250 MHz≥45dB200 MHz≤1.8:15150~5350 MHz
AE5660WN2256 DC~5380MHz5940~8000MHz5660 MHz≥45dB380 MHz≤1.8:15470~5850 MHz
AE5787WN2245 DC~5675MHz5900~8000MHz5787 MHz≥45dB125 MHz≤1.9:15725~5850 MHz
AE725WN2273 DC~654MHz796~1500MHz725 MHz≥40dB42 MHz≤1.7:1704~746 MHz
AE788WN2283 DC~760MHz815~2000MHz788 MHz≥30dB30 MHz≤1.5:1773~803 MHz
AE836WN2289 DC~795MHz878~2000MHz836 MHz≥40dB25 MHz≤1.5:1824~849 MHz
AE866WN2270 DC~850MHz880~2500MHz866 MHz≥40dB5 MHz≤1.5:1864~869 MHz
AE869WN2281 DC~774MHz965~2200MHz869 MHz≥45dB91 MHz≤1.8:1824~915 MHz
AE897WN2286 DC~860MHz935~2400MHz897 MHz≥40dB35 MHz≤1.5:1880~915 MHz
AE915WN2271 DC~890MHz940~2700MHz915 MHz≥40dB26 MHz≤1.5:1902~928 MHz
AE922WN2279 DC~900MHz944~2500MHz922 MHz≥40dB10 MHz≤1.5:1917~927 MHz
AE924WN2285 DC~911MHz937~2500MHz924 MHz≥40dB8 MHz≤1.5:1920~928 MHz
AE942WN2287 DC~907MHz978~2700MHz942 MHz≥50dB35 MHz≤1.5:1925~960 MHz
AE1000WN2276 DC~930MHz1070~2400MHz1000 MHz≥50dB60 MHz≤1.7:1970~1030 MHz
AE1455WN2278 DC~1426MHz1484~3000MHz1455 MHz≥30dB18 MHz≤1.7:11446~1464 MHz

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