10 GHz and Above Cavity Band Pass Filters

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10 GHz and Above Cavity Band Pass Filters

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Model Center Frequency Band WidthInsertion LossPass BandRejection (high side)Rejection (low side)Return Loss
AE11380B11069 11380 MHz2620 MHz<2.4 dB10070-12690MHz>60dB @ 15100-20000MHz>60dB @ 6344MHz>14 dB
AE11500B10992 11500 MHz11000 MHz<2.0 dB6000-17000 MHz>40 dB @ 18800-20000 MHz>50 dB @ DC-5100 MHz>14 dB
AE13120B11046 13120 MHz2020 MHz<2.0 dB12110-14130 MHz>15dB@11480MHz>15dB@14760MHz>14 dB
AE14345B11070 14345 MHz3310 MHz<2.4 dB12690-16000MHz>60dB @ 19030MHz>60dB @ 8000MHz>14 dB
AE15125B11042 15125 MHz400 MHz<2.0 dB14925-15325 MHz>30dB@16030MHz>30dB@14210MHz>14 dB
AE15125B11056 15125 MHz1200 MHz<2.0 dB14525-15725 MHz>50dB@DC-12415MHz-17835-40000MHz>40dB@12415-17835MHz>14 dB
AE15550B10247 15550 MHzSee Full Datasheet<4.0 dBSee Full Datasheet>70 dB@16.5-20 GHz>70 dB@0-14.55 GHz>14 dB
AE15550B10783 15550 MHz≤1.0 dB (F0)15350-15750MHz≥40 dB @ 20000MHz≥50 dB @ 11000MHzSee Full Data Sheet
AE16500B11053 16500 MHz400 MHz<3.0 dB16300-16700 MHz>60dB@13750-19250MHz>65dB@15125-17875MHz>15 dB
AE16500B11054 16500 MHz600 MHz<2.0 dB16200-16800 MHz>40dB@19210MHz>40dB@13790MHz>15 dB
AE16700B11079 16700 MHz3 GHz<1.0 dB15.2-18.2 GHz>50 dB @ 21.8 GHz>40 dB @ 20.6 GHz>30 dB
AE18070B11071 18070 MHz4140 MHz<2.4 dB6000-20140MHz>60dB@24000MHz>60dB@10070MHz>14 dB
AE19200B9650 19200 MHzSee Full Datasheet<4.0 dB18.73-19.67 GHz>25 dB @ 19.9-20 Ghz>25 dB @ 0-18.4 GHz>14 dB
AE19500B10936 19500 MHz940 MHz<4.0 dB19.03-19.97 GHz>25 dB @ 20.0-20.3 GHz>25 dB @ 0-18.7 GHz>14 dB
AB10700B1324 10700 MHz2600 MHz<1.5 dB9400-12000 MHzSee Full Datasheet>60 dB @ 8800 MHz>12 dB
AB15000B1322 15000 MHz4000 MHz<1.0 dB13000-17000 MHzSee Full Datasheet>65 dB @ 26000 MHz>14 dB

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