1001 - 2000 MHz Cavity Band Pass Filters

This section lists all cavity band pass filters within the 1001 MHz to 2000 MHz range. Please look for the filter in the frequency range you are interested in, and by clicking the link, you will be able to get more technical detail for that particular RF filter as well as a full data sheet.

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Custom bandpass cavity filter design products are available for RF design engineers with specific requirements. Contact us for more details.

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1001 - 2000 MHz Cavity Band Pass Filters

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Model Center Frequency Band WidthInsertion LossPass BandRejection (high side)Rejection (low side)Return Loss
AB1920B991 1920 MHz140 MHz<0.25 dB1850-1990 MHz>35 dB @ 2200 MHz>40 dB @ 1550 MHz>14 dB
AB1925B1216 1925 MHz110 MHz<1.5 dB1870 -1980 MHz>40dB @ 1990MHz>40dB @ 1860MHz>15 dB
AB1927B1197 1927.5 MHz455 MHz<0.5 dB1700-2155 MHz>30dB @ 2195 MHz>30dB @ 1660MHz>15 dB
AB1935B1217 1935 MHz100 MHz<1.5 dB1885-1985 MHz>40dB @ 1995MHz>40dB @ 1875MHz>15 dB
AB1937B1222 1940 MHz435 MHz<1.0 dB1720-2155 MHz>40dB @ 2230MHz>40dB @ 1645MHz>15 dB
AB1937B795 1937 MHz15 MHz<0.7 dB1930-1945 MHzSee Full Datasheet>75 dB @ 1850-1865 MHz>18 dB
AB1940B1212 1940 MHz410 MHz<1.0 dB1735-2145 MHz>40dB @ 2220MHz>40dB @ 1660MHz>15 dB
AB1957B796 1957 MHz5 MHz<0.7 dB1960-1965 MHzSee Full Datasheet>75 dB @ 1870-1885 MHz>18 dB
AB1960B664 1960 MHz60 MHz<1 dB1930-1990 MHz>55 dB @ 2092-6000 MHz>60 dB @ DC-1910 MHz18 dB
AB1982B797 1982 MHz15 MHz<0.7 dB1975-1990 MHzSee Full Datasheet>75 dB @ 1895-1910 MHz>18 dB
AB1987B483 1987.5 MHz25 MHz<4 dB1975-2000 MHzSee Full Datasheet>45 dB @ 1920-1965 MHz18 dB
AB1999B1104 1999.0 MHz20 MHz<2.5 dB1989-2009 MHzSee Full Datasheet>50 dB @ 40 MHz>14 dB
AB1999B1105 1999.0 MHz34 MHz<2.5 dB1982-2016 MHzSee Full Datasheet>50 dB @ 60 MHz>14 dB
AB1999B616 1999.0 MHz12 MHz<2.5 dB1993-2005 MHzSee Full Datasheet>50 dB @ 30 MHz>14 dB
AB1999B682 1999.0 MHz12 MHz<3.0 dB1993 2005 MHz>50 dB @ 2014 MHz>50 dB @ 1984 MHz>14 dB
AB1999B692 1999 MHz20 MHz<3 dB1989-2010 MHzSee Full Datasheet>50 dB @ 40 MHz>14 dB

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