1001 - 2000 MHz Cavity Band Pass Filters

This section lists all cavity band pass filters within the 1001 MHz to 2000 MHz range. Please look for the filter in the frequency range you are interested in, and by clicking the link, you will be able to get more technical detail for that particular RF filter as well as a full data sheet.

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Custom bandpass cavity filter design products are available for RF design engineers with specific requirements. Contact us for more details.

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1001 - 2000 MHz Cavity Band Pass Filters

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Model Center Frequency Band WidthInsertion LossPass BandRejection (high side)Rejection (low side)Return Loss
AE1800B10667 1800 MHz104 MHzSee Full Datasheet1748-1852 MHz>65 dB @ 2243 MHz -5 GHz>65 dB @ DC-1359 MHz>14 dB
AE1845B9998 1845 MHz300 MHzSee Full Datasheet1695-1995 MHz>70 dB @ 2065-5000 MHz>70 dB @ 0-1625 MHz>15 dB
AE1848B9815 1848 MHz2 MHz<4.0 dB1847 - 1849 MHz>50 dB @ 1873-6000 MHz>50 dB @ 0-1823 MHz>15 dB
AE1875B9074 1878 MHz24 MHz<3.0 dB1863-1887 MHz>70 dB @ 2 GHz>70 dB @ 0-1750 MHz>14 dB
AE1542B9506 1542 MHz36 MHz<0.7 dB1524-1560 MHz>60 dB @ 1200-1442 MHz>60 dB @ 1642-1850 MHz>14 dB
AB1415B1304 1415 MHz40 MHz<1.0 dB1395-1435 MHz>90 dB @ 1470 MHz>60 dB @ 1115 MHz>15 dB
AB1485B1305 1485 MHz40 MHz<1.0 dB1465-1505 MHz>60 dB @ 1800 MHz>90 dB @ 1430 MHz>14 dB
AB1507B1308 1507.5 MHz18 MHz<1.5 dB1498.5-1516.5 MHz>30 dB @ 1530-2000 MHz>60 dB @ 1452-1492 MHz>15 dB
AB1275B1338 1275 MHz750 MHz<1.0 dB900-1650 MHz>40 dB @ 1750-2400 MHz>40 dB @ DC-790 MHz>14 dB
AB1932B1347 1932.5 MHz445 MHz<0.5 dB1710-2155 MHz>30dB @ 2200 MHz>30dB @ 1665 MHz>15 dB
AB1300B1339 1300 MHz800 MHz<1.0 dB900-1700 MHz>35 dB @ 1850-2400 MHz>30 dB @ DC-820 MHz>11 dB
AE1542B10859 1542 MHz34 MHz<1.0 dB1525-1559 MHz>40 dB @ 1750-1900 MHz>40 dB @ 0-1000 MHz>14 dB
AB1937B1352 1937 MHz15 MHz<0.7 dB1930-1945 MHzSee Full Datasheet>75 dB @ 1850-1865 MHz>18 dB
AE1955B10877 1955 MHz490 MHz<1.0 dB1710-2200 MHz>30 dB @ 2250 MHz>30 dB @ 1660 MHz>15 dB
AE1795B10862 1795 MHz170 MHz<1.0 dB1710-1880 MHz>30 dB @ 1930 MHz>30 dB @ 1660 MHz>15 dB
AE1403B1357 1403 MHz26 MHz<2.0 dB1390-1416 MHz>40 dB @ 1450 MHz>40 dB @ 1355 MHz>18 dB

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