Triplexers(0.6-10 GHz)

Triplexers(0.6-10 GHz)

Multiplexers, can be considered as duplexers (2 bands), triplexers (three bands), quadruplexers ( 4 bands), up to as manu as 12 bands.  They provide a cost-effective solution for carriers,or communication systems operating in multiple frequency bands multiplexing both transmit and receive paths into a single antenna (or vice versa), or split signals from a single antenna into multiple base stations, allowing the system to accommodate a greater number of operating bands.  

Our standard triplexers combines or split 3 communication bands, in many wireless bands such as GSM, PCS, LTE, UMTS, WCDMA, and many more.  We have an extensive list of standard products to choose from.  All listed according to frequency range, and basic specifications.  Full datasheets can be downloaded for each products.  Custom design are also available.

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Triplexers(0.6-10 GHz)

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Model Insertion loss (dB)Band 2Band 3Band 1 Band 3 BandwidthBand 2 BandwidthBand 1 BandwidthIsolation
AM1780-2350-4670TR289 <3.0 dB2350 MHz4670 MHz1780 MHz540 MHz300 MHz140 MHz>20 dB
AM670-1110-1390TR287 <3.0 dB1110 MHz1390 MHz670 MHz50 MHz50 MHz50 MHz>20 dB
AM707-742-781TR331 <5.5 dB728-757 MHz776-787 MHz698-716 MHz11 MHz29 MHz18 MHz>50 dB
AM707-742-781TR332 <3.5 dB728-757 MHz776-787 MHz698-716 MHz11 MHz29 MHz18 MHz>45 dB
AM920-1795-2045TR323 <1.0 dB1795 MHz2045 MHz920 MHz250 MHz170 MHz80 MHz>25 dB

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